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The ever-present green space and the great number of detached houses mean that the direct neighbourhood of U City Residence has retained its idyllic suburban atmosphere. At the same time, the growing interest of potential purchasers in the recent years has led to the development of infrastructure and the expansion of the offer for residents in Ursus. New cultural centres, restaurants, shops, playgrounds, and recreational and sports complexes are being established here all the time. A point of interest is the first ecological park in Warsaw, which sets new trends in the field of green space design.

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The district infrastructure enables safe and convenient transit no matter the preferred means of transport. The nearby railway station of Koleje Mazowieckie (Warszawa Gołąbki) as well as the bus stops, which also include night service, make it possible to reach the city centre in under 30 minutes even during rush hours. Those who prefer cars will enjoy the excellent connection to the south ring road, while cyclists will appreciate the broad network of bicycle lanes.

Live in a quiet area without giving up on the convenience of residing in the centre of Warsaw.


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